New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Redesign, Canada, Price

New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Redesign, Canada, Price The New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Redesign nameplate is heavy and evokes a luxurious minivan. However, the car’s performance and structure are what make it so valuable. In its fifth generation, this minivan has been at the forefront of its class for more than a decade. It’s not as old as it seems. Its appearance is a joke.

The Dodge Grand Caravan was the most popular hauler in America when it first launched. Many things can be compared to the Dodge Grand Caravan, including safety, convenience, structure, comfort, technology, and aesthetics. Unfortunately, Dodge will likely discontinue the Grand Caravan after 2022. Minivans older than 12 years are prohibited in 12 American states. It is competing against vehicles like the Honda Odyssey, Kia Sedona, or Toyota Sienna.

New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Redesign

Exterior Design

The New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Redesign call sign is Subtlety. The exterior of the car has subtle styling elements and a simple structure. Unfortunately, the exteriors aren’t very upgraded. It would have been nice if the minivan had received some upgrades this year. You can see the Dodge emblem in the cross on the front grille. The boxy design is a departure from the curviness of the original Dodge grille. The Dodge Grand Caravan has sliding side doors that allow for easy access to both rear seats.

New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Redesign
New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Exterior

The 2022 Grand Caravan measures 201.4 inches in length and has a 120.5-inch wheelbase. The highest level of ground clearance in the class is 6.7 inches. Comparatively, both the Honda Odyssey and the Sienna are smaller.

Interior Design

The Grand Caravan has plenty of space, both in terms of headroom and legroom. The layout of the Grand Caravan is well-designed, and drivers will enjoy a great view of the outside. The front seats are well-contoured, comfortable, and perfectly cushioned.

New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Redesign
New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Interior

Although the driver’s seat is very adjustable, the 2nd and third rows of seats aren’t as comfortable. These seats are made to fold down on the floor, creating more space for cargo. The cushioning is thin on these seats. Area, sliding middle rows seats, and sliding doors make it easy to ingress and exit.

The Dodge infotainment system hasn’t been updated in the Grand Caravan 2022, but you’ll still enjoy the old system. The center console has a 6.5-inch touch panel, but it does not have any Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integrations. You can still get the latest version of Chrysler’s Uconnect. It can be challenging to use the small buttons while driving. The layout is not intuitive. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integration. The dashboard is made from cheap plastic, which does not give off any luxury feeling.

New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Engine

Grand Caravan’s 3.6-liter naturally-aspirated V6 engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, producing 283 horses and 260 lb-ft via the front wheels. The Grand Caravan is more of a passenger transporter than a vehicle with a weak powertrain. Even so, it stays cool. This engine serves its purpose well.

New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Redesign
New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Engine

Although the Grand Caravan’s 0-60 mph speed is approximately 7 seconds, it is significantly slower than many competitors. In addition, the car’s maximum towing weight is 3,600 lbs, which is a lot more than its competitors. However, the vehicle can only travel at 140 mph.

Minivans are typically used to transport passengers and their cargo. The Dodge Grand Caravan offers more than just a comfortable ride. Because of the suspension’s excellent absorption, the minivan can be pretty stable and compliant. It can withstand most road imperfections and obstacles. Some extreme obstacles can cause you to feel a little bit of fear inside the cabin. Overall, handling is better than other competitors. You won’t even notice any engine noise inside the cabin.

The suspension coupled to the Grand Caravan has a balanced design, which results in good ride quality. The minivan is stable on even the most difficult turns. The Caravan’s boxy structure doesn’t make it look bulky and doesn’t cause much body roll in these problematic turns. The Grand Caravan is a comfortable minivan that can cruise around town thanks to its steering wheel, brake pedals, and accelerator. Although it may not be able to maneuver in tight spaces, the Grand Caravan is a great vehicle.

New Dodge Grand Caravan 2022 Price and Release Date

There are three main trims for the Dodge Grand Caravan. The trim hierarchy has not been modified from the previous models. Therefore, the features of the previous model are still available. These trims range from $27,530 to $32,995, with tons of convenience features.